Star Wars Rogue One Review

By Isaiah Turner

Staff Reporter


With the recent release of the new Star Wars movie “Rogue One”, it  has impressed both young and old Star Wars fans. The story is  taking place before episode 4,  telling a story that we haven't seen or new characters never heard of before, and for the first time there has not been a jedi in the story, which is not including Darth Vader.

Me being a lifelong fan of the Star Wars movies, I was very impressed by the story, the action everything that you love about Star Wars was in this movie. Also, there were many small cameos from past movies that really made it feel like the originals in a way. Even though I kind of had an idea of how this was going to, end, I was still drawn into the movie  because the story had good momentum throughout the film. One of my all time things to look for in a Star Wars movie is the aliens and creatures that can be seen in the background. There were many returns of classic characters that fans will love. The action scenes in this movie were some of the best I have seen in any Star Wars movie, even episode 7 had some good action scenes. Most critics opinions on the movie is using the same plots plots over again from the old movies, which in my opinion is not all true. Yeah sure, maybe a scene or two is reminiscing of the original trilogy, but isn't that what we love about Star Wars? I feel when we try to change the little things  that made you like Star Wars in the first place that is when it  will lose its touch of the story.

 So based off past films from now, I feel like they have done a good job passing down the traditions to the next generation, and hopefully can continue for future films to come. Me personally, I really enjoyed the film. I  thought it was well written, the story the characters were fun to watch and compelling. It kind of had a different feel about the characters which I thought was good thing, It was interesting to watch a Star Wars film without any jedi,  and the appearance of Darth Vader was exciting to see him back on the big screen. Also with the appearance of Princess Leia towards the end of the movie was an awesome thing to cap the movie off with connecting Rogue One just minutes from the start of A New Hope. As most fans know that Darth Vader was going to be in this movie and he had a minor part, but had some interesting scenes and some fans think that this movie showed us more things about Vader than we have ever seen in any of the other movies. With all that being said, I would rate this a 9/10 I thought it was really good and got to see Star Wars from a different perspective, which was awesome.    

Isaiah Turner, staff reporter

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