Lets Fall Into Fall Ball!

Freshmen girls posing together for a photo before Fallball 2016

Freshmen girls posing together for a photo before Fallball 2016

Freshmen girls posing together for a photo before Fallball 2016

Taryn Pederson, reporter

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Taryn Pederson

Staff reporter


When the end of October rolls around one of Denfeld’s first dances of the school year happens. Which happens to be Fall Ball. Fall Ball is a big deal to all who attend. Not only is it the last Fall Ball for Seniors but it’s the first Fall Ball for Freshman and whomever decides to attend for the first time!

You only get to attend three dances a year if you go to Denfeld. But if you aren’t a junior or senior then you only get to attend two. The other dances Denfeld puts together is Sweetheart and Prom. There are a lot of stressful things that come with going to a school dance. But there are also a lot of fun things like making new memories that’ll last a lifetime.

The stresses of Fall ball are never fun to deal with but in the end it’s all worth it. Senior Katelyn Beaudin says the most stressful part of Fall ball was trying to make plans with her group because she likes things planned ahead of time instead of last minute so there is less stress. It’s a common thing to stress about because at times it can be hard for groups to all agree upon certain things. There are also many other stresses like finding the dress that is perfect for you and for the guys making sure their attire is what they’re looking for. “I found my dress online and it’s stressful buying dresses offline because you never know if the dress will be too big, too small, or just right. You just have to hope for the best and deal with what is” – Katelyn Beaudin. Whether you buy a dress online or in a store it’s still a very stressful thing to endure.

But there are way more good sides to Fall ball than downsides. The music may not always be the greatest but feeding off the vibe of your friends etc. can ultimately leave you having a lot of fun. “The most fun part was dancing and how everyone else there was having a good time.” – Freshman Jazmyn Oleary regarding the school dance. She also said she hopes to attend the next Denfeld Dance that the school has. Senior Kate Beaudin says she enjoyed getting to be together with all of her friends for one last fall ball! Getting to dance all night with your friends is one of the many reasons why students at Denfeld like Fall ball. There aren’t many opportunities to get all dressed up and be with everyone from school at a dance. Senior Daniel Jurek says it’s the most fun when he gets to be there with all of his friends.

Denfelds Fall ball has been a dance that’s been going on forever. When the end of October rolls around that also means that Denfelds Fall ball is approaching not too far after. Fall ball is one of the three dances that you can attend every school year. But if you’re a freshman or sophomore then you only can attend two of those dances unless you’re asked to prom by a Junior or Senior. Fall ball is one of the big dances of Denfeld and is a big deal to whomever attends. Students at Denfeld will continue enjoying Fall ball for years to come!

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Lets Fall Into Fall Ball!