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Miracle Moore, Staff Reporter

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Denfeld offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students to join. Being part of clubs throughout your high school career not only looks good on college applications, but also offers a sense of community and friendship. Some of us, especially freshmen, may not know where to start when it comes to looking for clubs to join. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Key Club, directed by Mrs. Saari, is a volunteering group that works together to do good around the community. They meet on Wednesday mornings in the media center at around eight o’clock. Can’t be at school that early? They also have wins you can sign up for to get caught up with the group. “It really is a great way to give back, and it’s not super hard to manage if you’re part of other clubs like me,” says Key Club member Abby. To join, fill out the form you can find on the Key Club bulletin board located on the first floor. Return it to Mrs. Saari in the guidance office.

Debate Team is another club to join. Being a member of debate helps with communication and public speaking skills, and is one of the best prior experiences to have on a college application. Coach Lofald directs this club that meets everyday Monday through Thursday in either the Denfeld media center or at East High School. Members are only required to attend three meetings a week. Debate Team also competes in tournaments around Minnesota.

Talent Search is college preparatory group that works to help students succeed in high school and beyond. No matter if you’re a student struggling in school or a straight A student, Talent Search can benefit you! “Talent Search helped me a lot when I was in high school,” says Denfeld graduate Alexandra. “I learned a lot about colleges, scholarships, and which ones were the best suited for me.” See your guidance counselor for help getting involved in Talent Search.

Drama Club is yet another group worth joining. Ran by Mr. Pursi, drama club is a great way to express your interest in performing arts and interact with other students just like you. They meet in wins twice a week to discuss theatre and upcoming performances. “I love drama club,” says member Paige. “It’s fun and everyone is super nice to one another.”

Last but not least, Newspaper is a great club to join! Newspaper meets on Thursdays at eight o’clock before school and up to three times a week in wins. Newspaper is a good way to explore an interest in writing or journalism, and we author your Denfeld Criterion. See Mr. Youngman to join.

Now that you’re informed of a few clubs, go ahead and get involved!

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