We danced, we (didn’t) cry, and had a really really really good time

Molly Johnson, Staff Reporter

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The morning of Saturday, October 28th could be summed up for most girls in two words: hairspray and lipstick. Getting ready for any dance is always the most stressful part, according to Denfeld senior, Haley Larson. “I have to be sure everything is perfect and the way I want it to be. Hair, nails, makeup, and flowers.” While the guys have the luxury of having time to run out and replace a broken belt or pick up a forgotten tie, us ladies have strict schedules that some even have typed and printed. The hustle and bustle is all worth it come dinner time. Taking pictures for our parents’ Facebooks and then chowing down on pizza is way to regroup and get excited for the dance itself. Held at the Decc, Fallball was assigned a classy Halloween theme. Entering the room, one could see classic orange, black, purple, and silver colors for the spooky holiday. With little “haunted trees” as centerpieces and pumpkin name boards, the theme was captured in a classy and not tacky way. The DJ and music played at past dances has caused a lot of debate, but most dance goers were quite satisfied with this year’s selection. “(The music) was way better than it’s been previous years. Usually it’s always the same songs for every dance but they really mixed it up this year” states Larson. With a decent music selection, us Hunters were able to dance the night away, making this Fallball one we’re sure to remember for years to come.

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We danced, we (didn’t) cry, and had a really really really good time