Respect Retreat

Lana Mitchell, Staff Reporter

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The Respect Retreat is an annual event where freshmen and Link Leaders get together to have a day of respect. Throughout the day everybody participates in various activities. Some activities involve talking about how to improve the school, others are sitting on each others laps to make one giant human chair. This day is important for not only respect but also getting to know your Link Leaders. Everybody gathers in small groups to discuss different ways we can express respect. Most of the groups finish early, leading to an awkward couple of minutes sitting in silence. My group finished early and after sitting there for a minute or so we all got to talking about random things until our time ran out. That day we all got more comfortable around each other and were able to open up more about ourselves to the group.

At the end of the day everybody gets in a circle around a candle and they receive a piece of paper. Everybody has to write about respecting themselves, respecting others, and standing up for others. The kids who are brave enough, get up and talk about what they wrote on their card. This is the most important part of the entire day. People are able to talk about person issues and others are able to learn more about their peers. This activity helps many students to become more empathetic to their peers’ personal situations.

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Respect Retreat