Bentleyville Tour of Lights

Crystal Murphy, Staff Reporter

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Duluth is not known for many things, but we are for sure recognized by a spectacular Christmas display created by Nicholas Bentley for people to walk through each year. In 2001, Nicholas Bentley was just a guy in Esko decorating his house with tons of lights for Christmas, but by each year he added more and more. In 2003 it became and walk through display with Santa Claus visiting on the weekends. His friend, making fun, jokingly called it “Bentleyville” (referencing the Dr. Suess book Whoville) and the name caught on, causing Bentleyville the tour of lights to be born.

Many around the state love to come over to Duluth during the holidays just to see Bentleyville and its beautiful lights, displays, and enjoy cookies, apple cider, or hot cocoa with marshmallows next to one of the fire pits. Bentleyville has displays with characters from cartoons, classic christmas objects and characters, a giant Christmas Tree with lights that move along to the Christmas music they play, and even Duluth landmarks.

People also get to visit Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus when they go to Bentleyville. On the first night they open, Santa will even parachute down from a helicopter into Bentleyville. Kids love getting to see Santa and getting a classic Bentleyville hat after telling him what they want for christmas.

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Bentleyville Tour of Lights