Embarrassing Memories

Kirsten Kelley, Staff Reporter

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Robert Williams, Senior- In fourth grade I had gas issues one day so at the end of the day I had farted in every class except later I found out I wasn’t farting. When I got home my mom asked “what’s that stain on your pants?” and I turned around around and saw a huge brown stain. I was so shocked but throughout the whole day no one said anything. I never knew if anyone actually found out or not but luckily that day I was wearing a long shirt.

Parker Radig, Senior- In first grade, when I first learned how to dress myself, I would wear two pairs of underwear to school.


Evan Wrazidlo, Senior- In ninth grade I stuffed a airsoft bb in my ear to impress a friends little brother and it got stuck. So I didn’t want to go home so we tried getting out with tweezers, a turkey baster and a vacuum. We tried for about two or three hours and then when I went home my mom got it out in about 30 seconds with water. So I felt like a idiot and had to go home for a stupid reason.

Juli Lehew, Junior- My Freshman year on  the first day of gym class we were doing warm-ups and she had us run backwards and she specifically said if you fall backwards on your butt, don’t try to catch yourself. Well, I fell back and caught myself and broke my wrist. I was out for the rest of the semester and had to have surgery. I ended up passing gym with a A.

Emma Schiltz, Senior- My junior year I was supposed to sing “Jolene” by Dolly Parton for the Pop Concert.  I was worried I would forget the words, so I wrote them on my hand.  I ended up forgetting them and reading the lyrics off my hand in front of everyone.  I laughed it off, but it is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me to this day.

Hailey Borgeson, Senior- In the seventh grade band concert, we were going into the auditorium with the band group. Since we have sectioned off seats there’s a small thing of tape to mark where our seats are. My smart self thought that I could easily hop over it and be okay, well I was wrong. I jumped over and my foot caught the tape and I went face first into the seats. Scratched up my face  and dented my instrument and simply made a fool of myself.

Haley Larson, Senior- During sophomore year I was watching a jv boys basketball game and somebody texted me to go meet them in the gym lobby, when I started walking down the stairs I started to slip and then all of a sudden I fell down the bleacher stairs in front of the entire varsity boys basketball team and all the fans that were there. Not only was it embarrassing but I had to sit two basketball games because I had bruised my achilles and couldn’t put my shoes on. Also, Shane Yagoda has called me “Stumbles” ever since.

Jenna Simonson, Senior- About a week ago, after school, I was in my car trying to leave but it would not move. I was trying the gas and turning it on and off for five minutes before I called some people to come and help me. Haley came over and couldn’t figure it out either so she called over some other people. They were all asking me if it’ll go in reverse or anything else and it wouldn’t. Then after a few minutes this one kid puts his head in my window and goes, “yeah you’re emergency brake is on.”

Alex Knuth, Senior- In third grade, I had a girlfriend for one day and I had won her a beanie baby in the morning and her way of breaking up with me was throwing that beanie baby in a puddle.

Elizabeth Emmel, Sophomore- When I was in first grade, I was walking in the cafeteria and I turned around because I heard a noise and I hit my head on the milk cooler. I had cut my face open and I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out and that’s when I started crying.

Myself- In seventh grade, I was looking through the space between two doors before a soccer workout and I didn’t see someone running at the door from the other side and I got hit in the face by the door. I was bleeding a lot and to this day I still have the scar on my eyebrow

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Embarrassing Memories