High School Musical at Denfeld

Crystal Murphy, Staff Reporter

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DHS has become a High School Musical! Sort of. Denfeld is putting out its own version of the famous Disney movie. Which is the story of when jock Troy Bolton (played by Robert Williams) meets academic scholar Gabriella Montez (played by Emma Schiltz) and they not only fall in love with each other, but also with musical theater. They face many challenges like friends, peers, and family being unaccepting of their new hobby. And even the school’s mean girl Sharpay Evans (played by Kelly Killorin) and her brother Ryan Evans (played by Logan Rosholts) try and tear them down. But they learn to follow their dreams and shine bright. It will be directed by Matt Pursi, choreographed by Paige Kohler, and music directed by Paul Christenson and Josh Lehigh.


 “We have been fine so far, the only issue would be that the students have other activities they are just as dedicated to as the musical. Sports, clubs, academics, etc. They go do those and then have 3 hours of rehearsing. It’s very difficult for them. And difficult balancing schedules.” Matt Pursi says. “But the students are very dedicated and hardworking.” he explained. “We work countless hours. So many. But we don’t actually sit and count them. We just look at the passion. Although we were smart and started early, 2 weeks in the summer, starting again right on the second day of school. Still, it’s one of the biggest musicals we have done, but it’s going well.” Pursi finished.


 Paul Christenson is helping out with the music for the show.

“Everyone is very talented and full of energy. They’re willing to work hard until 10:00 p.m. almost every night.” Christenson states. “It’s going to be great though, you can for sure look forward to three things. One is the phenomenal pit directed by Mr. Lehigh. Two is our new rented sound equipment. And three would of course be all of the talented voices of our Denfeld students.” Christenson exclaimed.


 High School Musical will premiere November 2nd and go until November 5th. Tickets are $10.00, don’t forget!

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High School Musical at Denfeld