Adjustment to Denfeld from France

Morgane Grand, Staff Reporter

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Bonjour à tous!

Have you ever left your family and your friends for a long time? Have you ever traveled abroad, far away from your home? Have you ever been in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything? Have you ever moved, changed school? I did all of this, at the same time.

My new life at Denfeld could be summarized as taking the famous yellow bus for school at 9:00am every morning, changing room and classmates every hour and eating in only 40 minutes at every lunch. I am also on a sports team and I have a free breakfast everyday. A typical American life. But being an exchange student is not really about school. It’s not as simple as learning whatever that is taught in school. I have to learn how to listen, speak and think, just as a five year old kid. When you’re a foreigner, your whole existence becomes a series of interesting guesses. When you are far away from everything you’ve ever known, you understand that the loneliness does not go away in a crowd. In only one month, I learned more about myself and what is really important to me than I did during my whole life.

What am I doing here or how I ended up here are not the right questions. The right one is who am I going to be at the end of the school year?

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Adjustment to Denfeld from France