Denfeld brings the talent

aldrik hopkins

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Denfeld high school has plenty of great experiences but one of the very favorite ones from the students is the talent show. The talent show brings the best acts of the school or just any kind that think they have talent and let them go on, although but they have to audition.Most kids in the school look forward to it and would like to see all kinds of different acts and talents. Garret Higgins of Denfeld High school believes it’s fun to see how much talent there is a Denfeld when I asked him “what Joy you get from the talent show”. Garrett’s Favorite acts are the singing Acts.


When I asked him “what experience do you walk out with”, he said “a sense of a night spent well”. Anything about it how could you feel like your night was spent well when you get to see a lot of amazing talents on stage at here at denfeld. but there’s not just one student that said that there’s very many but I have to share another one with you and his name is Cody Miller how he felt the talent show was is it made him feel good about the talent that the students have at school. He liked the singing and the dancing acts. and makes him feel good and excited to see the talent that the students may have to carry along outside of the school, but it gives him a sense of excitement during the talent show too. When he left the talent show he said “he walked out with a Feeling of inspiration of the talent he seen”. Shondez Morris also Had good things to say about the Talent Show. He said “one joy that i get from the talent shows that Denfeld is he get the joy of the magic tricks they perform and pull off”.


Shondez’s favorite acts at the talent show were the magical acts because every time you watch a magical act you do not know what to expect and you also have a surprise coming. The feeling that Shondez gets after the talent show is he feels that everyone is different in many ways and that there is plenty of different talent, throughout the school and the community. Well I’m sure but he couldn’t agree more with what Shondez and the other students has to say about the Denfeld talent show. So for anybody that ever considered a talent show I will promise you that you will not come out not satisfied you will have tons of excitement through you and what you see will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

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Denfeld brings the talent