Senior Grad Parties

Sicilia Amborn, General Reporter

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After the four years spent in high school, summer comes, and for seniors, that means grad parties. Most grad parties are usually similar to others, meaning it consists of family, food, and friends. This is a big deal for many seniors, for instance it resembles another section of life starting. The summer after senior year may be hard for some and others, something they have been dying to endure since freshman year. Many grad parties are at the same time but incase you’re looking for some ideas on how to hold together your grad party…


Taryn Pederson

Taryn’s grad party is June 24th at Spirit Mountain. Her main focus at the grad party is her. She is excited to be able to have family and friends there and can’t wait to see where life will take her after high school. Taryn does not currently know where she is going to college but knows that she will be going into something that has to do with music.  


Maddy Kessler

Maddy will be having her graduation party the 10th of June and it will be held at her house. Her main food will be pasta because it is one of her favorites and she is excited to be able to have equal as many family member as she does friends. She is itching to know where life is going to take her after high school and can’t wait to meet new people and make more lifelong friends.


Jarrod Smith

Jarrod will be having his grad party July 2nd and the place where it will be held is yet to be determined but it is between his house and his grandpa’s house. Jarrods grad party will be mainly family but he would like as many friends that can make to come. Best part of high school for Jarrod was beating East in football by 2 points. Jarrod is looking forward to attending Mesabi-Range community college and will play baseball and football there as well.


High school is a journey by itself. Taking the next step, graduating, having a grad party is only a part of the large steps taken to have an amazing, fulfilling, extravagant life. Whether it be traveling, going to school, or settling down and having some down time from the outside world. After graduation and grad parties, who was once called a senior, told what to do, is now an independent young woman or man.   

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Senior Grad Parties