Nosy Administration, or just a tradition?

Kage Peterson, Editor in Chief

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The senior class crammed into the auditorium for a surprise class meeting. They were informed that the administration would keep watch on everything they do regarding the skip day and the prank. The administration wouldn’t allow the class to take both a skip day and a class trip, or else they couldn’t walk across the stage. To top it off, any sort of prank that would cause monetary damage would bar them from walking right to left. This angered nearly every senior, arguing and eventually deciding to do what they want.

I don’t agree with the administration watching everything the seniors do. The point of senior skip day and the senior prank is to disregard what authority thinks of us and do whatever we want, in reason, obviously we don’t want seniors flying to the Moon or road tripping across the Canadian wilderness. The senior skip day as an American tradition is deeply ingrained in American culture and with Principal Sconiers or one of her coworkers watching us wherever we go diminishes the spirit of the tradition.

As far as I know, previous classes haven’t had this restriction. I remember very well my siblings participating in both of the skip days, and the administration didn’t do anything to stop it. If they didn’t stop it then, why start now? Why did our class have to fight for the bonfire and open campus for seniors? Why do we have to have the choice, else we’re punished, possibly too severely?

It’s quite apparent that everyone in the school knows about skip day. I’d go as far as to say that most participated when they were younger. Did their administration watch them? Probably not, but they certainly have their sights on us because reasons. Because we’ve had the most referrals. Because we have lots of students failing classes. Because we’re the class of 2017.

I’m not opposed to the day being school-sanctioned. If the class can be excused from school for an entire day, that’s great, but it should stop there. We should decide what we want to do and when, then the school excuses the class for the entire to do what they want. They shouldn’t tell us what to do, because nobody would follow anyway, and that’s the point behind the day; a taste of freedom before we all graduate.

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Nosy Administration, or just a tradition?