So long class of 2017

Taryn Pederson, staff reporter

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So long class of 2017!


Towards the end of May at denfeld high school each year is when the annual Senior Goodbye Assembly rolls around. It’s a slideshow of all the Seniors with baby picture, middle age picture, and then a grad picture. There are also videos added of seniors who have some sort of confession they want to make throughout their years at Denfeld.

This assembly is presented to the whole school and is all about the Seniors. The acknowledgment for the Seniors is to show that they will be missed and just to show that they are moving on to the next chapters in life.

Senior Cora Burke thinks that the goodbye assembly is a good way to send the seniors off. She says that the senior assembly is sad but it makes her very eager to graduate. Coras senior confession is “when me, Hailey, Taryn led people to an address that was a “party” but it was Mickeys Auto Body.”

Sicilia Amborn thinks the senior goodbye is a good way to show the rest of the school who the seniors are and who will be leaving. When Sici was a freshman, she thought the assembly was long and boring. This assembly makes her eager to begin her future because in a way it’s like “the icing on the cake” because it’s your last senior assembly and basically the way to close off leaving high school other than graduation. Her favorite memory of high school was when she peed her pants in the school bathroom freshman year and had to walk home with one of her friends and change. “My senior confession is that i’m not actually crazy” says Sici when asked if she had any confessions before she leaves high school.

Katelyn Beaudin says she’s excited for the senior goodbye assembly. “I’m excited to see everyone’s little kid pictures and grad pictures” says Kate. As a freshman Kate thought the assembly was cool because she says it’s something you get to look forward to for your senior year. “The assembly makes me happy that I’m graduating because I am so done with high school after this assembly” says kate. Her favorite memory of high school is hanging out at the football games and cheering on the team with friends.

The Senior goodbye assembly is an assembly that is specifically dedicated to the seniors. It’s a way to send the seniors off to their next chapters in life. It’s also to show an appreciation for them and that they will be missed. Not only is it just a slideshow of the graduating class but it’s also the time to hand out scholarships and awards that were earned by some of the Seniors. The class of 2017 will be missed and are very eager to begin their next chapters in life away from high school!


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So long class of 2017