Last Choir Concert

Mackenzie Stenstrom, Staff Reporter

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The school year is coming to an end, and with that comes the last choir concert for the year. For some it’s bittersweet because the seniors are leaving and for others, the seniors, are excited to leave high school.

This concert was the first annual Denfeld Choir Pop Concert. It was on Monday, May 22nd at 7 pm in the Denfeld Auditorium. It was unlike any other concert the students have been in. Each choir performed one song. The things that went on to make this concert new is that Mr. C, the choir teacher, decided he wanted to show off students talents by having people sing a solo or in a group. He held auditions for this because he could only have so many performances, otherwise the concert would be too long. He had auditions during classes and WIN. He also had callbacks about a week later. Many students tried out, and there was a 50% cut during the callbacks. The concert turned out great and many people enjoyed performing in it and watching it.

The last choir concert is sad for seniors, as well as sad for underclassmen. Junior Katelyn Clark is sad the seniors are leaving, but happy too because now her grade are leaders. “I’m also going to miss the good voices,” said Clark. Her favorite part of the last concert was the solos and group performances and also the senior slideshow. Solid Gold put together a slideshow of the seniors in choir to play while they sang. Overall, Clark is going to miss the seniors very much.  

The seniors last concert in high school. It’s exciting and sad at the same time. Senior Clarissa Smith was excited it was her last concert, but sad because she won’t be in choir ever again. Her favorite part of the concert was the slideshow Solid Gold made. When asked about what she’ll miss most about choir, Smith said, “making beautiful music with beautiful people.” She realized it sounds cheesy but she will genuinely miss it.

The last choir concert for the school year was fantastic. Students enjoyed performing in it and watching their peers show their talents. This concert was a farewell to the seniors leaving. Their was a senior slideshow and a finale song to say goodbye to the seniors. It was sad and exciting for many people. Goodbye to our current seniors and hello to our new seniors.  

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Last Choir Concert