Denfeld Sports on the Rise

Caleb Gibson, Staff Reporter

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For a long time now Denfeld sports have always been thought of as a joke. East was always better than us in everything, Hermantown was always stronger than us , Superior was always faster than us . But after this year Denfeld has some teams that will surpass those schools and bring Denfeld back on the sports scene in Duluth. For a long time everything has been the same Denfeld has had losing teams with maybe one or two good players but things are going to change quickly in the near future.

This year Denfeld sports were buzzing. They had teams that were actually fun to watch. Boy’s soccer started the year off going to state, right around the same time football beat East which was huge for the students because it has been a while since a Denfeld sport beat east. Basketball followed with one of the most exciting basketball teams to watch in a while having 7 seniors on the team with 5 of them going on to play college basketball. They also beat East at East which put other teams on notice that they weren’t the team everyone expected them to be. They also tallied wins against Hermantown , and Superior. Hockey also will have a promising team to come in the next few years while this year they were led by mostly underclassmen .

While soccer will lose most of their defense next year with them all being seniors they will still have a great group of underclassmen to build around. Their best player Jon Faynik was only in his sophomore year this year leading the team in goals, breaking the single season scoring record, and being selected to the All-State Tournament soccer team . So they will not be losing their best player. They will also have good senior captains in Brady Bastyr and Ben Gibson . So I think with that said, the future of the Denfeld soccer team is nothing but bright.

Now with losing 5 college basketball players, many would think the team would need a while to be good again. No that is not the case because the team had a lot of underclassmen this year that could have been and maybe should have been playing varsity. With sure to be senior captains Yunus Hunter and Ben Gibson a varsity starter since his sophomore year and a young core of juniors it seems the only problem the team will run into is their maturity, and how they come together as a team and not just individuals.

Denfeld sports have been in the gutter for a while now, or at least that is what people think. But after the success some teams had this year that is likely to change. These teams have chances to do great things next year and in the future. It is just a matter on how they all come together and how the teams mesh, but as of right now many teams are going to make a lot of noise next year with exciting players and teams to watch.

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Denfeld Sports on the Rise