Advice to you from a High school Senior

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Chyana Levine

Staff Reporter

Advice to future seniors As the end of the year comes to a close, seniors like to reflect on what has happened and what they wish they would’ve done differently. Senior year sounds like skipping class and not caring about school because it’s the last year but senior year is so important! It matters to get good grades, and become friends with your teachers and finish out your high school year strong.

Senior year is hard, with applying for colleges and the pressure of figuring out the rest of your life but you don’t have to have everything figured out. Remember that you’re only 17/18 years old and it’s okay to change your mind as much as you want. College will be there when you decide to go but don’t mistake being confused with laziness. Go to colleges, research majors because this the start of your actual life beyond Denfeld walls. Whether you decide to go to college or go straight to work, that’s okay. Everyone pressures you to go to college but if you know that’s not right for you then don’t go but never be lazy. Find your passion in life and never stop moving.

The biggest, best piece of advice I could give anyone in high school is to STAY OUT OF DRAMA. Denfeld is such a small miniscule part of you life and guess what it sucks and hurts right now but in 5 years none of these people will matter unless you make the matter. Your happiness always comes first. Never let anyone belittle your dreams or goals in life because not everyone sees through the same lense as you. Everything happens for a reason, and it seems endless now but it isn’t. If you don’t want to do something SAY NO! It seems like your friends will hate you if you say no but you’ll regret saying yes and then hating the outcome. Live for yourself and your own happiness. Surround yourself with positive energies and people with goals like graduating. Graduating is going to be so bittersweet so take your time.

High school sucks, and it’s hard sometimes but never stop pushing yourself to become a better person. Make friends and dream away, follow your dreams and be happy. The last piece of advice I have to give you is NEVER go with somebody to a dance just because you want a date, it’ll be bad. Go stag and have fun with your friends. Most of all just have a good time and work hard.

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Advice to you from a High school Senior