Senior Lip Dub thoughts

Braden Emanuelson, Section Editor

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The Lip Dub is a tradition here at Denfeld that started in 2014 so the class of 2017 has been involved in this tradition every year so far. For those of you that don’t know what a Lip Dub is, I will explain. It was a very trending thing in 2014, lots of schools around the nation were doing it. The school picks a song that is reasonably popular so that most students know it. Then they ask for volunteers on who wants to be the “singers”. These singers will walk the halls lip syncing with the song while around them their classmates stand and in some way show off the activities of the school. They do this by either holding posters or just using anything involving the activity. For example when you see the hockey team they might be using hockey sticks or just doing hockey things. Some people love the idea saying it helps show what Denfeld actually is rather then everyone just assuming the stereotypes. Others really don’t like it because they just think it’s stupid and they think it doesn’t pursue Denfeld in the right way.

Senior Kassie Hill thought of this years Lip dub as “alright” saying “ It wasn’t our best but it also wasn’t our worst. I really liked the song but i feel like some of the shots could have been planned out a little better. I did like the end scene in the gym though.”  Lots of the seniors are saying a lot of the same things. “I think our best lip dub was the first one. It was so original and everyone was excited about it so the energy was very positive.” Kassie went on saying. Jenna Skull felt very similar about that saying “ I think the first lip dub we did was the best, it looked really good filming it in one big chunk. It flows much better than filming it in many parts and having it cut back and forth between”. This might be the one thing the senior class can agree on. We all would like to have something that can show Denfeld isn’t what the stereotypes says it is. “ I really enjoy the lip dub tradition. Its cool were really the only school in Duluth that does it and i feel like it brings something unique to Denfeld. It’s something the community can enjoy!” People explain Denfeld as ghetto, ratty, a joke, Denfeld is explained in every bad way possible to people that haven’t gone here. It’s good to have something to show the community Denfeld is a positive place to be.

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Senior Lip Dub thoughts