Lacrosse Captains Profile

Braden Emanuelson, Section Editor

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Alec Pesta, Jacob Herold, Matt Porter


Senior lacrosse captain of East High school, Alec Pesta, has played Lacrosse for three years year round. He has played for the Duluth Chargers, Northland Jaxx and our Duluth Wolfpack. His favorite lacrosse memory was playing for the Chargers and the Jaxx team his first year because he made a lot of new friends and now he gets to play against them now senior year. “As a captain id say i’m a leader of the team , I try to keep everyone in the game and if we are down i try to spark us up”. Some advice for younger lacrosse players or people thinking about playing is “ hit the wall and get your hands good, play with your friends. I have my friends to thank for helping me get where I am today. Hard work pays off.” What pushed Alec to play lacrosse was he got cut from the baseball team sophomore year because he got a school suspension for consumption. “ I joined the chargers and it’s the best mistake I ever because I joined the best sport I have ever played.” . Lacrosse is said to be the fastest growing sport in the mid-west and Alec had a little bit to say on why that is, “  It’s got the best elements from multiple sports, it’s a mosh pit of goal scoring, big hits, breaking ankles, and great team play.”.


Senior lacrosse captain of Denfeld, Jacob Herold, has played lacrosse for only one year. He has played for the Northland Jaxx and the Duluth Wolfpack. “ my favorite lacrosse memory is selling puppy chow with Johnny on the bus and being one of the only Denfeld kids on the team my first year”. He says he feels his role in the team is to intimidate players with physical play and specialize in wing faceoff play. His advice for younger players or new lacrosse players is “ don’t wait to start playing and work on your off hand as much as you can”. The reason Jacob started playing lacrosse was because his younger brother played and he wanted to play a fast paced game.” I think it’s similar to hockey which is huge here so it’s intriguing a lot of people “ Jake said about the fact that lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the midwest. Jacob was chosen to be captain for the 2017 season because of his work ethic and the way he gets along with the whole team.                


Senior lacrosse captain of East, Matt Porter, has played lacrosse for five years. He has played for the Duluth Chargers, Northland Jaxx and the Duluth Wolfpack.”My favorite lacrosse memories would have to be our team scoring 54 goals in 5 games at the Rapids tourney as Chargers, my own first goal in that same tournament and being on the field when Pesta buried the game winning goal against mounds view in O.T”. Porter feels his role in the team is to push his team mates to their full potential and stay as positive as possible. His advice for younger players or new players is to work hard and never give up. Matt go into lacrosse because he liked to play with his friends, it looked fast paced, fun and he got bored of baseball. He was chosen as captain for the 2017 season because of his great skill, leadership and will to teach younger players to get them to the next level.

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Lacrosse Captains Profile