Music Booster Scholarships

Abigail Michelizzi, Section Editor

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On Saturday April 22nd, Denfeld hosted its annual Theme Concert. Every year, this concert is held in the beautiful auditorium Denfeld has. This particular concert consists of all the music groups Denfeld has to offer, such as the Concert Orchestra, Freshman Band and Hunter Choir. After all of these amazing performances before the finale, the President of the Music Booster Program(Jane Rudd) announced the 3 Senior recipients of the Music Booster Scholarship. Each scholarship is worth $500 for the students who plan to continue their career in music after graduation.


The first recipient was Senior Kylie Shea who participates in Choir. When she was asked what her reaction was when her name was called, and she said, “No, I had no idea that I was going to receive the scholarship. I was shaking so badly, I’m not going to lie I wanted it very badly and I was hoping they chose me.” Kylie was also asked regarding the process of writing her essay, and she said, “The process of writing my essay was really easy actually. The words came naturally because I was writing about something that I love to do everyday.” When asked how music impacted her life, Kylie stated, “Music has affected my high school career so much. Standing and performing on stage has been a huge confidence booster for me. There isn’t a better feeling giving to people who love listening to music. Putting all my hard work and dedication on display for others too see and to pull their heart strings is amazing. I can’t imagine my life without my choir friends (they are more like family at this point).” Every student who performed for the concert did very well. When Shea was asked how she felt she did, she said, “There were some areas that I goofed up on but I gave it my all and put myself out there for one last show.” Finally, Shea was asked if she was planning to continuing her education, and she said, “ I have never planned on studying music at all in college, but I do plan on taking a few music classes or joining a club choir sometime next year. I don’t want to sing for my career but it is so important that I keep that part of me alive and thriving.”


This years recipients have worked really hard the past 3 years of high school to be where they are ow with their musical talents, and they plan to continue on for the years to come whether it is only in college or hope to achieve a career in music. Music has touched these students over the years and hopefully they will go very far in their future.




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Music Booster Scholarships