Mock Crash Summary

Abigail Michelizzi, Section Editor

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On Friday, April 28th, the Junior and Seniors were asked to participate in a Mock Crash. Now, a mock crash is simply reenacting a car crash due to texting and driving. Ambulances, cop cars, and fire trucks participated in the reenactment. The whole reasoning behind showing this to students is to show them how texting and driving is dangerous and how it can affect you in one of the worst ways possible.


Students were gathered outside of the school by the football field to watch the mock crash. All the students saw was a student on the ground and a damaged car. Next thing we heard were many sirens coming from a distance, then the first police car pulled into the scene. As all of the cars approached, paramedics and police officers were observing the scene, checking the people in the crash, and arresting the driver for manslaughter. After the crash, students were lead to the auditorium for a follow up. In the auditorium was a public speaker having dealt with the loss of his daughter due to texting and driving.


Many students has different reactions with this; some were not affected at all, some were strongly emotional  Teddy Mosquita-Bedoin, who also participated in the mock crash was asked how he felt after seeing it, was asked how he felt after seeing the mock crash and his response was, ‘I felt good being apart of the mock crash, I definitely felt by the message that was being spread, I hope everybody else  learn from this and stay aware and safe on the road.” Teddy was also asked if the crash changed his outlook on texting and driving, and he said, “Most definitely did, it reminds me that one mistake can change your life completely if you fool around. This is a serious matter and needs to be like one.” And lastly, he was asked how he felt taking part of the mock crash, and he said, “It was fun standing in front of the school because a lot of friends were watching, I had lots of fun meeting new people and trying on makeup too.”
Teens today are being more educated on how dangerous texting and driving really is. Teens think they’re invincible and unbreakable, but little do they know that sending one word while driving can end your entire life, and that is one thing you cannot take back or undo. You could lose your best friend due to one message that could have waited. You could lose a parent, a sibling, cousin, and so many more people that mean something in life. What the people from the mock crash want us to learn from what they brought to Denfeld is to keep the phone away while behind the wheel.

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Mock Crash Summary