Lip Dub Finale

Alex Hanson, Staff Reporter

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Lip Dub Final


Staff Reporter

Alex Hanson



Denfeld Lip Dub, a Denfeld High School tradition for all students and staff of Denfeld, where students come together and dub a certain song to show school spirit and have a fun time doing it. For seniors, it would be their fourth lip dub but for freshman, it’s their first one. Students gather for a WIN meeting and have tryouts to get a part in the lip dub. Being the tradition of Denfeld, there are always favorites for seniors and their lip dubs. Denfeld Class of 2017 had a poll on their facebook page and results were interesting.

Denfeld Seniors have voted for their favorite 50 students voted and about 74% of students enjoyed their first Lip Dub of Freshman year. Students say that the reason they really liked the first lip dub is because it was all in one shot. The one shot Lip Dub speaks for itself, it’s a one take, one shoot or one recording. This is where students flood the halls, holding up signs and wearing maroon and gold, while the “Lip Dubbers”, who are the ones that signed up for tryouts are the students in front of the camera. As a one shot, Lip Dubbers walk backwards trying to watch out for students or any objects in their way while singing the certain song that was picked. As this happens, students on the side lines are cheering and jumping around supporting their school with high spirit, holding up signs of school activities and classes.

About 25% of students of Denfeld really enjoy their 2017 Lip Dub. Seniors who liked this year’s lip dub like it because of the fact that they brought back a one shot. “It wasn’t exactly like freshman years one shot but it was close enough and we all had a great time!” said a Denfeld Hunter. The other reason 25% of students like this year’s lip dub is because it’s their lip dub! Seniors are able to look back on these Lip Dubs and especially 2017 lip dub and say “I was a singer for this Lip Dub.” This year’s song was really appealing to the students and many enjoyed the song. The song was called “24k Magic by Bruno Mars”

In Conclusion when it comes to Lip Dubs at Denfeld, it brings out all students school spirit, out of every student’s four years at Denfeld, each student will eventually be a part of four Lip Dubs, and there will always be favorites of course. It just comes down to which class thinks the best Lip Dub will be when they attend their years at Denfeld High School as a proud Hunter.

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Lip Dub Finale