Art Of Promposals

Natchez Ballinger, Staff Reporter

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Promposals have been around for many years and it is something that almost all high school students do. But where did the act of proposing for prom come from, why is it still going strong to this day, and why do we love it so much?

Promposals are seemingly big in high school. You will go through high school seeing many different and creative promposals; it gives people joy to see a promposal, but why is that? It’s mainly because they are happy for the pair, and that gives us an all-around sense of joy. Promposals are an art and creative outlet for certain students. They are the ones who will surely go all out to ask their significant other to prom.

Promposals in the modern day have become somewhat of a competition for some to try their hardest to be the very best. The internet overflows with pictures and videos of amazing and creative promposals. Some kids may try to top them while others simply become copycats and duplicate what is said to be “works of art.” However, not all are performed with a lot of effort. Some kids would just like to get it over with and ask, and most people really don’t mind that.

The act of asking one to prom in a flamboyant and attention getting way is becoming more and more common in this day and age. It brings people happiness and inspires others to go all out in their own promposals.

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Art Of Promposals