Spring Play

Aldrik Hopkins

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The Spring play is coming soon, And a good amount of people are excited to see what in store. Some people are hoping for a comedy skit, while others prefer to see something new and unique. Hopefully this play out beats the first ones. I interviewed my sister Acacia Hopkins and asked her, “what do you hope to see if you were to attend the spring play”. She replied saying “Everybody in the play working together to make the play interesting to watch”. One of the first plays was “Little shop of horrors”. It was an alright play to my perspective, it could have been written better and could have been a bit funnier.

While there isn’t much plays that happen at Denfeld high school. A good amount of them are very interesting and unique in their own ways. All which have a theme of some sort or a story that has a meaning behind it. Denfelds Spring Play is going to be happening on thursday, May 4th. The play will begin at 7pm and will end by 9pm. I again talked and interviewed my sister Acacia Hopkins and asked “Are you excited for the spring play”. She answered saying “ No, that kind of stuff doesn’t interest me and i will most likely not attend it”. The Denfeld spring play is a free to join event. So for people having nothing better to do at this time in day, watching the play would probably be very pleasant and enjoyable. Possibly could be a sad rainy day. Perfect time to go and watch a play inside. I asked Lindsay Johnson “what is your favorite play you have been too”. She replied saying “Beauty and the beast at the Duluth playhouse”.

One thing i wonder about in this play, is if there is going to be a lot of actors or just a select few of people acting. Im sure that their will be a good amount of parents going to watch the play. Mostly because the actors are students of Denfeld high school. Also parents want to see what cool and unique ideas there kids are going to be doing during the play. I also interviewed Lindsay Johnson asking her, “Would you participate in the play if you had the chance”. She replied saying “I did when i was younger, but not really interested in plays anymore”. All in all, Denfelds spring play is right around the corner and is only a week away from now. Hopefully people go to watch their fellow hunters “play” their hearts out.

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Spring Play