Boy’s Tennis

Ying Moua, Staff Reporter

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Some sports no doubt get more attention that other sports. Boys tennis is an example of this, be it lack of exposure or something else, our boys tennis team deserve their spotlight. With mostly only family support, there isn’t much of a student section. Tennis is still fairly early in their season, having currently played three matches. Due to the fact that it is still early in the season there can still be shifts and changes in the teams and line ups. However despite these uncertainties things are still looking up.

“The lack of student support I really blame on how much our school, and others too, focuses on the main sports like basketball, football, hockey, soccer, etc. and we are lost in the shadows. I think that kind of conflict actually drives us to work harder to go out and win,” says sophomore Quinten Rimolde. Despite this fact and the lack of student support, tennis still continues to work hard and grow. Quinten then continued to say, “The way to grow an activity is to have success to attract attention of potential members.” With this mindset, the tennis members work hard in everyday training like strokes, net-play, and footwork. Due to the success of last year, not only were there improvements in skills but also improvements in numbers. This year boys tennis has many younger guys with great talent and will hopefully continue to grow and be an asset to the team.

Tennis has only played three matches thus far, two against Hermantown and one against Superior. There was two losses and due to a rain out the meet was cut short. Tennis is still fairly early in their season and with this in mind, there can still be shifts and changes in the teams and line ups. There will still be time to improve and grow. “I feel that our team has made great strides in improving from last year,” says Quinten. Tennis has been apart of Denfeld for three years now and there’s no sign of it declining and stopping. “It’s a great team, [and there are] great teammates who are there to help each other grow and learn the sport.” Quinten encourages everybody, even if you don’t have experience, to join tennis.  

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Boy’s Tennis