spirit memories

Teddy mosqueda-beaudoin, staff reporter

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     The spirit day dress up  is about the students favorite spirit day dress up, they talk about their most memorable, silliest, most awkward dress ups from their time at Denfeld High School. Two very passionate students of Denfeld wanted to speak of their favorite spirit days at Denfeld High School Denfeld senior Natchez Ballinger had many memories from his experiences at Denfeld, and Spirit week is one of the most exciting times of the year for him. Natchez was asked what his most silly spirit day memory was, his response was “ Freshman year, where I saw a senior come into the commons wearing bikini.” There is a lot of creativity at Denfeld, the school wants to show what kind of spirit the students and staff have Natchez had  idea of what Denfeld should use for a spirit day, here what he said “ a 70s/80s throwback day, I think it would be interesting to see peoples different take on it”. There’s not anything cooler than a throwback and seeing what all the kids at Denfeld would wear. Natchez was asked about the coolest dress up he has seen another student wear, his response was“ When Jarrod came to school with a stick while wearing an Adrian Peterson jersey”. Natchez had many many cool customs he has seen but to him that was his personal favorite. Natchez had been asked about an idea to  use for spirit week, and his idea was favorite child movie character day. He likes that idea because it relates to him, and also reminds him of when he was a kid. Natchez told us each of his favorite spirit day of each grade at Denfeld. In ninth grade it was opposite day because he liked being something different for the day, in tenth grade it was neon day because he liking how bright the colors were,In eleventh grade it was jersey day because he liked representing his favorite team,and in twelfth grade it was summer day because he likes summer and there is not a lot of summer here in Minnesota.


Caleb Gibson was interviewed too, and his most silly spirit day was “ opposite day because all of the guys went way too far with things.” Sometimes being an overachiever is a good thing because it shows you care and want to have a good time. Caleb was asked what is a spirit day they have not choosen that they should use, and his response was” we should use an throwback 80’s,90’s,and early 2000’s for our school”. That is a are great ideas and most schools should consider it for spirit week. Caleb was asked what was the coolest dress up you have ever seen another student wear, his response was “ I seen another student wear a banana suit”.  He also mentioned that the banana suite was a classic.  Caleb was asked his favorite Spirit Day from each grade, from ninth and tenth it was jersey day because he is a big sports guy and likes showing that about himself and also seeing what others like for there teams, for eleventh it’s opposite day


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spirit memories