Kendrick Lamar #DAMN Album Review

Caleb Gibson, General Reporter

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Kendrick Lamar recently dropped his new album titled DAMN April 14th 2017. The album was highly anticipated by fans of the rap culture and as always Kendrick did not disappoint . With projects like To Pimp A Butterfly and Good Kid M.A.A.D City Kendrick had already stamped his ticket in the record books and in most people’s eyes made him one of the best to do it. But this album which is a follow up of his 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly is expected to take his career to the next level and in the few days that it has been released, it is seeming that it is going to do just that. The album is projected to reach over 200 million first week streams which makes him one of two musicians to ever achieve that behind Drake. Between Spotify and Apple Music he has reached 120 million streams in its first 6 days of being released. As a follower and enthusiast of rap music I took to the student body to hear their thoughts on his new project.

There has been a lot of good albums dropped this year like rap superstar Drake’s More Life which broke a streaming record within its first 24 hours of being released, and tallied 600 million streams in its first week. It is hard to think an able released just barely over a month later would silence all the talk about Drake’s record breaking album. When drake’s album came out many were calling it the best album of the year , but now Kendrick Lamar’s album has definitely surpassed that in many people’s eyes including my very own. When asked about the two albums senior Eyreon Witherspoon said “ I was such a big fan of Drake’s album when it came out but to be honest ever since Kendrick’s album dropped I haven’t listened to one song off of Drake’s album”. It has silenced all the talk about anyone else in the rap game and has set the world on fire in just its few weeks of being released. The song Humble which was released before the album was No. 1 on the billboard top 100 passing Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You which was atop the billboard chart for 12 weeks.

Kendrick’s mix of simple 90’s beats and modern day flow have really paved the way for all kinds of people to be a fan of him. Certain rappers have certain type of fan bases as you can see with rappers like J cole and G eazy who are more modern day rappers not a lot of adults are listening to them, and you definitely will not hear and kids nowadays bumping to Wu Tang Clan and the Tupac. But people who are real fans of hip hop find the good in all music and are not just fans of certain types of rappers and styles and I feel like Kendrick’s album is not just getting listened too by the youth. “ I feel like everyone listens to his album, it can relate to everyone, I even listen to it with my dad all the time “ junior Acacia Hopkins said when asked about the album’s diverse fan base. That is what makes this album so different and why it is so hot right now , it is being listened to and streamed by everyone , not just the youth and not just adults which shows by its 200 million first week streams.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Kendrick’s album titled DAMN as in my opinion is the best album that has been released in a long time. When an artist drops an album and everyone loves it that makes it special. Since being released the album has silenced all talk about any other rappers today and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon. It’s diverse fan group is what makes it the best album to me . His album brings together the youth and the adults, it brings the white and black races together, most importantly it has brought the world together as everyone can relate to one album and when everyone in the world, with all the things that are going on to split everyone up, can listen to one album together and love it , I do not think another rap artist will be able to achieve that .

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Kendrick Lamar #DAMN Album Review