Lip Dub as a Tradition

Natchez Ballinger, Staff Reporter

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    The Lip dub is a denfeld tradition that started 4 years ago by the class of 2014. Lip dub is when the whole school participates in a Musical like video where everyone seems extravagant and very hyped, they lip sync to a song of their choice. It brings a good mood sensation to the whole school and all students included in the Lip Dub.  

        It seems as if the main point of the Lip Dub is to show the community that we know how to have fun and show that we are a school the “Always has a good time”. Then people may ask “Why do it?” as if there is no point, well the making of the Lip Dub is a fun process for most students it gives them the sensation of being apart of something bigger than just their “Friend group” It puts us all together and the whole school becomes united as one. Not only is it just an all around good feeling but the Lip Dub also adds a fun and exciting tradition to the school, Why not have a new tradition that gives students positivity and excitement in their high school experience.

        The Lip Dub is a bonding experience throughout the school but some people may not enjoy the results, so should Lip Dub continue on as a tradition, Sophomore Lauryn Anderson said “Yes for sure I think it’s a fun activity to do and will be cool to look back on and show future generations also, it’s a great tradition for Denfeld to have.” The Tradition may be amazing to some and many kids may want it to continue on for many years to come. The Lip Dub uses songs in every edition but do students enjoy the songs they use? Junior Emily Mahle said “So I think that all the songs end up looking good in the long run and are fun to dance to, and they always makes sense while having a lot to do with our school!” So overall it seems students enjoy what the Lip Dub has to offer.

        Now the Lip Dub has many result for the aftermath of it sometimes it has effects in the community that is good and sometimes bad but does the Lip Dub overall have a positive impact on Denfeld? Sophomore Cassie McClure said “Yes, because I think it’s really cool for the whole school to show their pride for what they are involved in and it’s super fun for everyone.”

        As a result it seems the Lip Dub brings nothing but positive vibes and good feels to the entire student body of denfeld high school. The Lip Dub may be new but it is a tradition that looks likes it is here to stay, by the sound of it-it seems like nobody will be complaining about doing an annual Lip Dub for years to come.

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Lip Dub as a Tradition