“The Last Jedi” Trailer Worries

Kage Peterson, Editor-in-Chief

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The excitement echoed louder with each passing day throughout the halls of Denfeld until those magical 200 hundred seconds the eyes and ears of the students. “The Last Jedi” was confirmed for release this December. Worries about the film sprang about plague fans of the series and casual consumers alike. Is the hype warranted, or will it truly be an evolution for the series?
Sophomore Dawson Parks consumes a lot of Star Wars mediars in his free time. “I used to read some of the Star Wars books. I also watched The Force Awakens on the day it released.”
“I don’t really know what I’m most excited for. Rey is in the trailer a lot, but just showing the movie is exciting,” Parks said. The trailer showed many establishing shots and Rey, the likely last Jedi, as the title suggests. “I think it’s good that’s she’s getting a lot of focus. She was a good character and fun to watch. But it’s kind of obvious that she’s the last jedi. The trailer showed her training with Luke.” In interviews before the trailer’s release, the story was confirmed to focus on Rey’s training, and the trailer further cemented it into fans’ minds.

Princess Leia’s actress, Carrie Fisher, passed away late December, and questions about it impacting the filming or production arose. Parks responded, “It’s sad, but I’m not too worried. She didn’t all too huge of a role in the last one, and I think they already completed filming before she died. She could have a double too, if they needed it.” Filming had already finished, but her character would need a shoehorned disappearance, but there’s not much the producers can do to fix it.

Kylo Ren appeared prominently in the last film, trying to emulate his grandfather, Darth Vader, while wondering if he’s doing the right thing. “He’s this trilogy’s Darth Vader. There’s no doubt he’ll appear because his mask was shown. He could be mostly off screen, but I think he’ll fight Rey again and lose again. And let’s not talk about the prequels.”

JJ Abrams directed “The Force Awakens”, and most can say that it was a success. Coming from the “Star Trek” movies, he directed one of the highest-grossing films in history. For the next film, the director changed to Rian Johnson, a director praised for his work on some “Breaking Bad” episodes. Parks said, “To be honest, I don’t pay attention to directors, but I did like Episode VI and ‘Breaking Bad’, so I’m not worried because I’ll watch it anyway.”

Worries about any form of media can hurt the excitement of an otherwise great work. For the next Star Wars film, the hype seems to be warranted, with fans wanting to see it even more.

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“The Last Jedi” Trailer Worries