Natchez Ballinger, Staff Reporter

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Natchez Ballinger

Staff Reporter


Lacrosse is an up and coming sport at denfeld high school, it is seen as something new for most and some students decide to give it a try because it’s different than most basic sports in school. One of the

players is Tommy Donlin and he was asked why he joined the sport and he said “I found out the sport from Jake Herold and since it is a fairly new sport i thought maybe i could walk on and try it out, plus it would be fun learning a new sport so i took it” Lacrosse as a sport is new to the area so there is a lot of young and new players to the vigorous sport.

    The Lacrosse team is not just denfeld neither it is a team shared between Denfeld and East high school which is “The Duluth Wolfpack” it is one of four northeast lacrosse teams that have debuted last season. This sport is new which also means they don’t care about losses because even with every loss it is a win for the game in general and gives it better potential to grow.

     So in other words lacrosse is a new sport for the general area which is good for the people and the community they all live in. It is a sport that you should try out if you are ever looking for a new sport to play.

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