Student Art

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Chyana Levine

Student Art


Denfeld high school is known for sports and the community outreach some of the students do, but inside Denfeld is the art community. Down a hallway on the first floor is Mr. Hoban’s class, one of the art teachers. In his room, an art community was born. Many students go down there to chill out and create like Denfeld senior Tommie Bester who said “Hoban’s the sh*t.” Mr. Hoban decided to become an art teacher because “when I was in high school, and I had a really good art teacher and a really bad art teacher. The really good art teacher made me think I really like doing this and then the really bad art teacher made me want to take her job, she was made everyone around her miserable.”  

Denfeld has 5 art programs such as  Photo 1-Art of Photography, Cinematography, Art Across the Mediums, Graphic Arts and Digital Design. Mr. Hoban talked about some of his goals when teaching art “I’m just trying to help them get better or get them to realize art isn’t such a bad thing cause a lot of people are scared to take art classes because they’re scared to fail and I want them to know it’s more than that, you can appreciate it and try.” Bayley Anderson, A Denfeld junior said that “I took a year off art and wanted to go to cosmetology but once I started in his class and got to know him he convinced me to go to art school.”

Art is a stress reliever for many students like Rylee Fall who said “I’ve always been an artist since I was a child, it’s my calling. Stress comes off me when I start drawing and painting, it’s a relaxer.” Mr. Hoban’s art room is very relaxing for many students, he always has rock music playing and artwork hung up made by the students and himself.

      The Denfeld art community is close knit and very supportive. Mr. Hoban encourages his art students to create and grow as artists. His art classes have influenced many students to create and utilize Denfeld art programs. Recently we had an art show for our Isd709 district where many of our students showed of their artwork like Bayley Anderson.

Denfeld art programs continue to grow with the help from Mr. Hoban. Rylee Fall a Denfeld senior said “It takes a lot of practice and work.” referring to how she became an artist. Art is a hard thing to master because it’s subjective, there’s no such thing as bad or good art only opinions. The art world is full of different cultures and universes that cease to make sense. Take an art class, and maybe find a passion or have fun.


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Student Art