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Denfeld High School Basketball Season

By Isaiah Turner  

General Reporter


With the playoffs right around the corner for the boys basketball season, it’s kind of a good and bad thing for the senior boys on the basketball team with some of them playing their last games as a Denfeld Hunter. All of them get to play together compared to last year when the players were playing JV and others were playing varsity.

While it might have taken the first few games of the season for them to get used to playing together they are now deep into the season with the playoffs on the horizon, Denfeld gets a first round home game. When talking to Senior Tyrese Barnes about the playoffs and getting to play at home, he said. “We earned it, now it’s time to execute for the outcome we want.” Barnes also added that the team is excited and ready for the playoffs and said the team is looking pretty good. When asking Barnes do you feel the team is unselfish or do you feel that everybody is committed to the team, he said, “I would probably say both they want to set goals for themselves and the team. Basketball isn’t supposed to be about yourself it’s supposed to be a team sport and the coaches have said plenty of times and we listen to them every time.” These guys have been playing basketball since they were little. Some of them started late but with their playing in their last season for Denfeld they can take away some of the values and lessons their coaches have taught them over the years. When talking to Senior guard Barnes on some of the things Denfeld basketball has taught, he said “Winning and losing will not always go your way there will be wins and losses. If you give everything your best shot and learn your lessons on the way you will come out a winner.” Also when talking about next year, seniors, and the future of the Denfeld basketball team, and what you can leave behind for the next group that will be representing the Denfeld Hunters next year when asking my last question with Tyrese Barnes about what the next years team has to do to get and work to where the team is known or possible be better, he said “If it does not go our way the boys next year will have to step it up and work hard to get better to get back in the spot that we are in this year.” With all that being said the school is anxious and excited to see what the team can do and how far they can go in the playoffs and maybe bring a state championship back in nearly 50 years, bringing a state championship back to Denfeld would bring motivation and energy not only to the school and the students but the other teams at Denfeld High School.  


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Best Super Bowl Ever?